The difference between true “engagement” and promotion is the difference between the magnetism of the pull and the forced push.  Increasingly, our world is for those who want to be pulled, not pushed.  And Morgan Wood knows how to help brands create the kind of engagement alchemy that turns relationship lead into gold.

Mark Ramsey
Mark Ramsey Media LLC

If you’re already aware that your CEO/ministry leader/college president isn’t the person you work for, you’ll like Morgan’s thinking. Her ideas are innovative, memorable, and focus on building an authentic connection with your listener.

Jim Kirkland
Director of Radio
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

I have had the privilege of working alongside Morgan Wood for the last couple of years on various projects.  I have been struck by the following attributes that Morgan brings to every job. Input:  Morgan defines a green light thinker.  She has the ability to dream outside of the box and still land just the other side of realistic.  She’s not afraid to dream and stretch. Professional:  Morgan raises the bar when she takes on a project.  Her work ethic is top notch and she doesn’t leave a planning session until she has all the answers to the questions she may have about your project so she can do the work you have asked her to do. Learning: Morgan is not afraid of learning to better serve the project and she doesn’t settle for “good enough” even if it means she needs to learn a whole new way of doing something.I’m sure you can tell by my above comments that I’m a “Morgan Fan” and I can nearly guarantee you will be as well if you give her a chance to work on your project.

Jeff Scott
WBGL Station Manager

The number one challenge facing most listener supported Christian Radio stations today is growing their funding base. Markets are fragmented and listener loyalties are divided. The way to a listener’s heart is through value based ministry that creates loyalty. But it takes a whole lot more than great programming, captivating talent and creative “promotions.” It takes “listener engagement” and no one in our industry knows it better than award winning, Morgan Wood. To put it simply, “she gets it!” And her track record proves it. She knows how to be creative and effective in designing a level of engagement that leads to loyalty.

Todd Isberner
ShareMedia Services


I’ve worked with Morgan for many years in the radio industry and knew her talents for branding, promotion and community engagement, but when I heard her announcing and voice work at one of our national conventions I was blown away.  Morgan not only has the chops, but keeps you engaged in a way I’ve heard few announcers do.  I know who I’m calling for my next need for voice work.

Andrea Kleid
Vice President, National Promotion
Word Entertainment/Warner Music Nashville

Listen to any of Morgan’s voice overs and you’ll hear a professional, smooth, conversational, and articulate voice. What you don’t hear are the intangibles she brings to her work. After working with Morgan for several years on a variety of projects, she is consistently professional, energetic, reliable, coachable, determined and motivated. I look forward to working with her on future projects. She is tops on my list and I highly recommend her.

Brian Anderson
Director, Faith Matters